All elevators are secured after business hours by SETEC and can be accessed using an access card or key fob.  If you need to use the service elevator after normal business hours or on weekends, please submit a request in JBG SMITH Connect or contact the Property Management Team.

  • SETEC to Kastle Systems

North Building:

Four (4) Otis passenger elevators service the office floors and lobby, with two (2) also serving the Promenade Level.  One (1) Otis freight elevator serves all below and above grade levels.  One (1) hydraulic Otis elevator services the retail and 3B level storage only.

Each elevator has a 4,000 lb. capacity. 


East Building

The plaza and floors 2-8 are served by eight (8) Westinghouse geared traction elevators.  One (1) hydraulic elevator and one (1) service elevator serves the garage and Promenade. 

The Hilton Hotel is served by four (4) Westinghouse geared traction elevators, two (2) service elevators, and one (1) hydraulic elevator.

Each elevator has a 3,000 lb. capacity. 


The passenger elevators are not to be used for moving and/or deliveries.